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1:1 6 Amazing Months


This package is for someone who is ready to make changes, grow, evolve and live their best life!  We'll meet for a one hour every 2 weeks for six months, via Zoom, with between session support via Voxer.  This package also includes discounts on other programs offered, as well as a VIP day at the end of our work together, think of it as a capstone to review all the fun we've had and celebrate the strides you've made!  I can't wait to work with you! <3

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The Courtesan Goes to Paris!


Join me virtually in a private Facebook Group as I venture thru the most romantic city in Europe, as I taste the best baguettes, visit museums, stay in the cutest little flat ride the metro, INDULGE in the desserts, absorb the aromatics of fragrance, wrap my bits in french lingerie admire all the beauty, take it all in, wander the streets and mingle!!

One Month Test Drive


New to coaching?  Ready to dip your toes in?  Lets connect and see what you're looking for and where you want to go.  Are you at a crossroads, looking for direction, unsure of what the next steps are?  This is for you!  Has life thrown you a curveball?  Are you ready for the next adventure?   Life is a-waiting, lets get this party started!

Handfasting Ritual 


Handfasting is an age old tradition in marriage and commitment ceremonies, based in the Celtic tradition.  A Handfasting ritual can be part of a commitment or marriage ceremony.  During the ritual, the couple's hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. 


For your handfasting ritual, we'll spend some time in conversation prior to your ceremony/marriage, clarifying your priorities as a couple, as well as individuals, as you're the amazing people coming together to join your lives and traditions.  


I look forward to participating in the start of your new lives together! 

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The Spici Codes


Welcome to my cornerstone, essential keys to living - The Spici Codes!  Life is short and uncertain, and I'd love to see you living each day to its fullest, having the most fun possible, eating the cake and buying the shoes!!  This is an 8 week course, where we'll meet 6 times over the 8 weeks with two, one week breaks.  This package is the cornerstone of my business, lets get you living your best, spiciest life! 

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Discovery Discussion

15 minutes

Ok, so kitty nose kisses aren’t required for this one, but I would LOVE to chat with you.  Let’s set up time for a cup of tea and become acquainted to see if we’re a good fit for working together.  

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