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1:1 6 Amazing Months


This package is for someone who is ready to make changes, grow, evolve and live their best life!  We'll meet for a one hour every 2 weeks for six months, via Zoom, with between session support via Voxer.  This package also includes discounts on other programs offered, as well as a VIP day at the end of our work together, think of it as a capstone to review all the fun we've had and celebrate the strides you've made!  I can't wait to work with you! <3

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The Courtesan Goes to Paris!


Join me virtually in a private Facebook Group as I venture thru the most romantic city in Europe, as I taste the best baguettes, visit museums, stay in the cutest little flat ride the metro, INDULGE in the desserts, absorb the aromatics of fragrance, wrap my bits in french lingerie admire all the beauty, take it all in, wander the streets and mingle!!

One Month Test Drive


New to coaching?  Ready to dip your toes in?  Lets connect and see what you're looking for and where you want to go.  Are you at a crossroads, looking for direction, unsure of what the next steps are?  This is for you!  Has life thrown you a curveball?  Are you ready for the next adventure?   Life is a-waiting, lets get this party started!

The Goddess Muse 


Welcome home Goddess.  

This is you, all of your glorious parts, curves giggles, desires, needs, dreams and deepest secrets.  

All of you is sacred and beloved by the Goddess.  

This is your time to relax, sink in, be nurtured, be loved, be accepted, be CELEBRATED.  

For six months, we'll meet twice a week for 90 minutes, and luxuriate in time and essence.  You'll wear your custom Cocoon Robe, custom Crown and bask in the light and aroma of the Goddess Candle that is included with this package.  

It is my honor to provide these items to you, sourced from small independent businesses owned by fellow Goddesses. 

I offer this to you, and celebrate your presence.

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The Spici Codes - Spici Cancer Survival Skillz


Oh the big C word - how it can strike terror when the word is used in "......You have CANCER"  YUCKYYUCK.  

So you get the diagnosis (or bad news or whatever) and you plow thru and thru and do all the things, the appointments, the calls the meetings, the needle sticks, everything that you're told.  And then treatment or process is over.  

What then??   What do you do then?  

The hardest part of recovering is AFTER the physical part.  You're all done with checking the boxes - CHECK.  You're headed back to work on a regular basis - CHECK.  You're supposed to be back to normal - CHECK.

The challenge is, normal is now completely different.  Everyone wants to get back to normal, but there is no going back.  There is only forward, which may look similar to what your life was and who you are.  The precious gift of this is that you get to create what the new normal is, WHO you are, WHAT your life looks like and WHERE do you want to go. 

Thats where the Spici Cancer Survivor Skillz course comes in.  

We figure out where you want to go, what your priorities are and degunk your life to get the clutter out of your way for a clearer vision.  

I've been there.  I get it.  I've done the thing.  And I want to walk with you as you move in to your new phase too.  

Lets do this, as we all well know, one never knows what a day will bring.

Love you!

Julie Leigh SpiciJulezz 

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Discovery Discussion

15 minutes

Ok, so kitty nose kisses aren’t required for this one, but I would LOVE to chat with you.  Let’s set up time for a cup of tea and become acquainted to see if we’re a good fit for working together.  

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