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I believe in magic.

Always have, always will.  Have you ever wondered about little coincidences, decisions you make based on gut feelings, paths that cross?  ME TOO!   I’ve come to the conclusion that little is chance, and there is always a reason for something, or at least a learning that comes from the un-fun stuff.  When those little thoughts about people, situations pop in to your mind, what if it's for a reason and part of a greater web of connection?? 

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My inner spirit animal Cindy-Lou Who

Jack and Julie - Nose Kisses.jpg

My inner spirit animal Cindy-Lou Who, and I've adopted the moniker Julie-Lou Who.  “I just want us all to be together.”  I’m a great connector, love meeting new people, finding ways to bond with them and bond others to each other.  


Angels! We all have them.


We all have them, have experienced them and have been them for others.  One day, I was having a awful, no good, perfectly rotten day.  And what happened but a client surprised me with one of my faves, a Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bar.  Little gestures, kindnesses can mean so much to people.  Think back to when you had an “angel” visit you?  Chance?  I think not!

I love living a vibrant, colorful, loud, energetic life.

Life is too short to waste a precious minute or experience.  My work is an extension of who I am, helping you get closer to your dreams, what makes you happy, get clear on what isn’t working and get you on a road to where you will smile joyfully again.  Life is too short not to!  Are you stuck?  Looking to transition to another job, life situation or relationship?  One of my superpowers is helping you uncover what isn’t working and figure out what will and how to get there.   I call it Directional Consulting.  What is your dream?  Lets move it from the dream box to the living the dream reality!   I’m your dream champion.

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Sometimes people just need to be heard.  Giving air to a concern, allowing another to witness our challenges, hurts, old wounds helps to bring light and allow healing.  It is in connecting that we heal and understand that we’re not alone, weird, or broken.  We’re all just on our own path, just as unique as you are.

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